Burdekin Singers Theatre Company Theatre Company

Who we are?

Burdekin Singers & Theatre Company started out as the Ayr Choral Society.

Over our history we’ve produced and performed unmeasurable shows for the Burdekin community’s enjoyment.

What do we do?

Burdekin Singers brings together the talents of Burdekin's amateur performers, whether this be in musicals, theatre, festivals or concerts.

Our purpose is to foster the development of the Arts in the community.

Our musical productions are known to be visually stunning while showcasing the excellence of local performers. Many of our patrons let us know when they enjoy our productions. We encourage you to read their reviews on Facebook.

To find out how you can get involved please contact us.

Can I join Burdekin Singers?


All members of the public are welcome to join Burdekin Singers.  Audition information for upcoming shows is published here and on Facebook.

If behind-the-scenes work is more your style, we are always delighted to welcome people who love backstage work, costuming & sewing, construction. Drop us a line and we’ll connect you with the right people.

Meet the faces of Burdekin Singers!

Lawrence Polga President of Burdekin Singers

Lawrence Polga


Treena List

Vice President Senior

Brad McAllister

Vice President Junior

Corinna Polga


Jim Nuttall


Pat Nuttall


Monica Licciardello

Musical Director

Amaia Licciardello

Assistant to the Musical Director

Corinna Polga

Costume Curator

Amaia Licciardello

Marketing Co-Ordinator

Jasmin Delle Baite

Marketing Co-Ordinator
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